1. ANGLO-INDIAN CUISINE – A LEGACY OF FLAVOURS FROM THE PAST is a comprehensive and unique collection of easy-to-follow Recipes of popular and well loved Anglo-Indian dishes. The repertoire is rich and vast, ranging from Roasts, Cutlets, Croquettes, Pasties, etc, to mouth watering Curries, Side Dishes, Spicy Fries, Foogaths, Biryani and Pilafs, Pickles, Chutneys etc, picking up plenty of hybrids along the way. The sumptuous Anglo-Indian dishes such as Yellow Coconut Rice and Mince Ball (Kofta) Curry, Pepper Water, Mulligatawny Soup, Grandma’s Country Captain Chicken, Railway Mutton Curry, Dak Bungalow Curry, Crumbed Lamb Chops, Ding Ding, Stews, Duck Buffat, Almorth, etc, which were very popular in the olden days will take one on an exotic nostalgic journey to Culinary Paradise. 

ANGLO-INDIAN CUISINE – A LEGACY OF FLAVOURS FROM THE PAST is a revised version in a new format of Bridget White’s two earlier books “The Best of Anglo-Indian Cuisine – A Legacy” and “Flavours of the Past”. Lots of new recipes of popular Anglo-Indian dishes have been added in this edition.

Price per book: India : Rs175.00, Australia: A$15.00, UAE: Rs 400.00, Canada C$50.00, UK: GBP 8.00, USA: $15.00

19 Responses

  1. Hello,
    Have you heard of a dish called chow chow? My mother who was anlo indian used to cook it for us as children, but I have never been able to find the recipe, can you help?
    Ros felstead

  2. Hi, Chow-chow is the name of a vegeatble

  3. please let me know how to buy your book….i stay in nasik, india

  4. Hi Frieda. I’ve seperately replied to you by email.

  5. Hi Briget,
    I would like to buy this book. I used to visit KGF often, Bretts family.


  6. […] THE BEST OF ANGLO-INDIAN CUISINE – A LEGACY August 20085 comments 3 […]

  7. I’ve sent you an email

  8. Please get in touch with me on for details

  9. Hi Bridgette, I have cooked some of your recipes and think it is just fabulous. I would like to purchaseTHE BEST OF ANGLO-INDIAN CUISINE – A LEGACY. I LIVE IN CANADA BUT ORIGINALLY FROM MADRAS – SOUTH INDIA.. If you could let me know, I would apreciate it. Thanks

    Estelle White

  10. Hi Bridgetkumar wanted to know about the dish called chow chow, my mum used to cook this and still does it is a noodle dish with minced meat and vegetables it is made with egg noodles. We called this dish chow chow
    Sandra Miller

    • Sandra, just out the recipe for Mixed Meat and Vegetable Chow that I’ve just posted. I think its the same dish you are referring to. You could innovate and change the meat etc while following the basic recipe

  11. Hi Bridget

    I am an Anglo Indian from Bangalore settled in Brisbane Qld Australia. I will be trying out some of your recipes from my childhood. I always believe that the Anglo indian dishes are the best. Thank you for keep ing up our cuisine legacy.

  12. I want to purchase this recipe book

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