SPECIAL FEATURE – FOOD LOVERS MAGAZINE WINTER 2015 Preserving Colonial Flavours Bridget White-Kumar, author of six Anglo-Indian cookbooks, reflects on culture and tradition from the Colonial Anglo-Indian Era. I hail from a charming little mining town called Kolar Gold Fields, in the erstwhile Mysore State, now a part of Karnataka. I was born into a… Read More

DING DING ( Sundried Meat )

DING DING (SAVOURY SUN DRIED MEAT CRISPIES) 1 kg beef from the shank end of the leg  (cut into very thin slices) 2 teaspoons pepper powder   2 teaspoons chilly powder 3 teaspoons salt                             1 teaspoon turmeric powder 2 tablespoons vinegar Wash the meat and marinate with the pepper powder, salt and chilly powder,  turmeric powder and vinegar for… Read More DING DING ( Sundried Meat )