ANGLO-INDIAN DELICACIES is a collection of Recipes of popular vintage and contemporary Cuisine of Colonial India. Old favourites such as Pork Bhooni, Devil Pork Curry, Calcutta Cutlets, Fish Kedegeree, Double Onions Meat Curry, Camp Soup, Bengal Lancers Shrimp Curry, Boiled Mutton chops, etc have been given a new lease of life. The recipes are simple and extremely easy to follow. The very names of the dishes will surely bring back nostalgic memories of by gone days to many. As with the earlier books, it will make a useful addition to a personal Anglo-Indian Recipe Collection

1. Chicken Curry in a Hurry
2. Maharaja Chicken Curry
3.Simple Roasted Chicken
4. Steam Roller Chicken
5.Green Chillie Chicken
6. Chicken in Tomato Gravy
7. Dry Chicken Fry
8. Chicken Jalfrezie
9. Chicken and Potato Stew
10. Fried Chicken Gizzards
11. Chicken Patties
12. Madras Chicken Curry
13 Chicken Curry in Pickle Masala
14. Spicy Chicken Fry
15. Chicken Puffs
16. Spicy Pork Fry
17. Grandma’s Pork Buffath
18. Portuguese Devil Pork Curry (A very spicy Curry)
19. Deviled Pork Chops
20. Pork Spare Ribs
21. Pork Bhoonie
22 Fried Pork Loin Strips
23. Chillie Pork Fry
24. Pork Mince Curry Puffs
25. Anglo-Indian Masala Steak
26. Spicy Masala Meat Curry
27. Braised Ox Tongue
28. Pepper Mince
29. Boiled Mutton Chops
30.Brain Chilly Fry
31.Meat and Potato Curry
32. Devilled Meat Balls
33. Sukha Meat Fry or Dry Fry
34. Meat and Spinach Curry
35. Spicy Chops with Potatoes
36. Anglo-Indian Beef and Vegetable Stew
37. Veal Country Captain (Cold Meat Curry)
38.Spicy Meat Chillie Fry
39. Meat and Brinjal Curry
40. Pepper Spare Ribs
41.Colonel Standhurst’s Beef Curry
42. Beef Hash
43. Devil’s Steak
44. Beef Pepper Steak
45. Quick Mutton Curry
46. Brain Cakes
47. Savoury Brain Fritters
48. Spicy Mince Croquettes (Cigar shaped cutlets)
49. Calcutta Cutlets (Kobiraji Cutlet)
50. Two Onions Mutton Curry
51. Hot Pot Mutton Chops
52. Meat Jalfrezie
53. Stick Curry or Kebab Curry
54. Beef Roast with Gravy
55. Malabar Beef Curry
56. Meat Jerky (Another Version of Ding Ding)
57. Spicy Meat Grill
58. Beef Flank Steak
59. Salted Beef
60. Corned Beef
61. Salted Tongue
62. Kidney Stew
63. Mince Meat Parcels (Samosas)
64. Meat Glazie (Fruity Meat Curry)
65. Fish Kedgeree (an Anglicized version of Kichri)
66. Fish Curry in Coconut Milk
67. Fish in Mustard Gravy
68. Fricadallus (Portuguese Steamed Fish)
69. Fish Head Curry
70. Green Coriander Fried Fish
71. Red Masala Fish Fry
72.Pan Fried Pepper Fish
73. Fish Kobiraji Cutlet
74. Steamed Fish Parcels
75. Pomfret Curry
76. Sardines in Tangy Gravy (Tamarind Fry)
77. Sardines in Tomato Gravy
78. Fish Cakes
79. Bengal Lancers Shrimp Curry
80.Prawns in Coconut Milk
81. Prawn Jalfrezie
82. Prawn Fritters
83. Spicy Prawn Puffs
84. Prawn Cutlets
85. Devilled Eggs
86. Spicy Boiled Eggs Masala
87. Scrambled Egg Puffs
88. Egg Moilee
89. Savoury Boiled Egg Fritters
90 Bubble and Squeak
91.One Eyed Jack
92.Masoor Dhal Curry
93.Bombay Potatoes
94.Tangy Brinjal Curry
95. Spicy Brinjals in Extra Oil
96. Cauliflower Side dish
97. Potato and Tomato Curry
99. Potato Chops
99. Cumin Flavoured Potato Fry
100. Cauliflower Foogath
101. Drumstick and Tomato Curry
102. Tomato and Coriander Pilaf
103. Simple Ghee Rice
104. Capsicum and Egg Rice
105. Pepper Butter Rice
106. Cashew nut and Raisin Rice
107. Fish Biryani
108. Egg Biryani
109. Fresh Tomato Soup
110. Camp Soup
111. Oxtail Soup
112. Shin Bones Soup
113. Nana’s Bone Soup
114. Anglo-Burmese Piajo Soup
115. Simple Chicken Soup


12 Responses

  1. Dear Bridget, You recipes remind me of my school days in Meerut and then wonderful anglo-Indian food I enjoyed at the homes of my friends..I live in Sydney now by the memories linger.. Would like to buy all your books, so please advise how much it will cost me..I am quite ill and on bed-rest. I have a small child, so have to cook. Therefore, was looking at making casseroles as they are easy to to do. At least I hope so. Would appreciate a call back. Also please send me our banking details, as I prefer to transfer funds on internet..

    Many Thanks


  2. […] ANGLO-INDIAN DELICACIES August 20081 comment 4 […]

  3. Hi
    I am an Anglo Indian myself and quite a good cook. Really interested in your list of recipes. I live in Maharashtra. Please let me know where I can purchase your book.

  4. Hi Ms. Kumar,

    I am looking for this recepie made of pork , usually served for wedding. Pork which looks yellow in color and you eat this thin slice of pork with a musterd sauce.

    My husband and my self is been looking for this recepie, i dontknow for how long. Can you pleasehelp.

    Thank you,

    MRS. George.

    • Hi ransome. You must be referring to Pork Roast? as Roast is mostly eaten with a little mustard sauce. I’ll put up the recipe for Pork Roast on this site. i hope its the one you want.

  5. Dear Mrs Kumar, I am an Anglo Indian but lived abroad for over 30 years. We eventually moved to Dubai. Are your books available here. I have looked for them but could not find any of the titles on the shelves. Yet there are lots of Indian Food Cook Books available. Time is running out and I would love to cook some of the dishes on your list. We came from Poona (now Pune) going through the titles, memories rush back to growing up in India and my mum cooking away for a gang of us 5.

    Merry Christmas and all the very best in 2015!!

  6. Hi Bridget, How can I purchase your cookbook ? I grew up in India but live in the US….

  7. would like to buy the book. please brief me wrt how I can procure one

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