A COLLECTION OF ANGLO-INDIAN ROASTS, CASSEROLES AND BAKES is a practical and easy guide to delectable cooking. The clear step-by-step instructions describe the preparation of a variety of easy to prepare Anglo-Indian Roasts, Casseroles and Bakes such as Shepherd’s Pie, Washerman’s Pie, Roast Chicken, Macaroni and Mince, etc. A few Vegetarian Bakes and casserole dishes are also featured.
1.Simple Chicken and Potato Roast
2.Roasted chicken Drumsticks
3.Chicken and Mushroom Bake
4. Chicken and Ham Bake
5.Spicy Chicken Breast Casserole
6.Chicken and Spring Onion Casserole
7.Spicy Roasted Chicken
8.Golden Glazed Chicken Drumsticks
9. Baked Boneless Chicken
10.Jaldhi Chicken Kababs
11.Creamy Chicken kababs
12.Spicy Chicken Wings
13.Baked Chicken and Baby Corn
14.Minty Chicken Casserole
15.Honey Glazed Boneless Chicken Bake
16.Roasted Whole Pepper Chicken
17.Whole Duck Roasted the Indian Way
18.Roasted Stuffed turkey from Colonial Times
19.Spicy Beef Roast
20.Roast Whole Leg of Lamb With a Hint of Spice
21.Oven Pot Roast
22.Braised meat
23.The Original Kidney Pie
24.Roasted Stuffed Shoulder of lamb
25.Hot Pot meat
26.Liver and bacon casserole
27.Mushrooms and Kidney Casserole
28.Minced Meat and Aubergine Casserole
29.Baked Stuffed Capsicum
30.Stuffed Aubergine Bake
31.Spicy Grilled Liver
32.Baked Beef Stakes
33. Minty Minced Meat Casserole
34.Spicy Mince Loaf
35.Shepherd’s Pie
36.Roast Leg of Lamb (mutton Roast)
37.Macaroni and Mince casserole
38.Quick macaroni Hot Pot
39.Savoury Mince and Spaghetti Bake
40.Spaghetti, Mince and Mushroom Casserole
41.Simple Baked Lamb Chops
42.Quick and Easy Meat Loaf
44. Whole Cauliflower and Mince bake
45.Pot Luck Casserole
46.Washerman’s Pie
47.Savoury Sausage Pie
48.Roasted Pork Spare Ribs
49.Spicy Pork Casserole
50.Yummy Pork Roast
51 Pork Mince Pie
52.Green Chilly Pork Tikkas
53.Cabbage and Sausage Casserole
54.Mushroom and Pork Mince Casserole
55.Baked Macaroni and Bacon
56.Ham and Spaghetti Delight
57.Macaroni with Bacon and Sweet Corn
58.Spicy Anglo-Indian Pork Roast
59.Tangy and Spicy Stuffed Mackerels
60.Baked Fish Fillets with Cheese
61.Spicy Baked Fish
62.Grilled Pomfret or Cod Fish
63. Spicy Grilled tiger Prawns
64.Fish Fillets and Tomato Casserole
65.Grilled Whole Fish with Tandoori Masala
66.Spicy Baked Trout or Pomfret
67.Tuna and Pasta Bake
68.Baked Masala Fish Tikkas
69.Spicy Prawn Tikkas
70. Fish and Mushroom Pie
71.Egg and Cauliflower Casserole
72.Eggs and Bacon Casserole
73.Cheesy Potato Bake
74.Spicy Grilled Baby Potatoes
75.Cheesy Baked Cauliflower
76.Sweet Potato and Carrot Bake
77.Spicy grilled Mushrooms
78.Spinach and Cheese Bake
79.Simple Pasta and Cheese bake
80. Macaroni and Mushroom Risotto
1. Cheese Sauce
2. White Sauce
3.Brown Sauce
4, Garlic Bread
5.Baked Potatoes (Jacket Potatoes)
6.French Fries
7. Fried Potato Wedges
8.Mash Potato
9. Mixed Salad Bowl
10.Mint Chutney

v. List of Common Ingredients and Spices used in Cooking
vi. Glossary
vii A Mini Dictionary of Words used in Cooking
viii. Some Equivalent Measures
ix. Oven Temperatures

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  4. Dear Bridget I would like a copy of your new anglo-Indian recipe book I live in the US and I would like to order it ,can you please send me the details,I have used some of your recipes and they bring back fond memories of my sweet nana,thank you so much for keeping the angloindian style of cooking alive…..

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Bridget White Anglo-Indian Recipes


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